Summer Fizz – A nine year old girls idea, turned into reality

When you read the words ‘summer fizz’, what does your mind conjure up?

Allow us to inspire you.

Bright, sunny days with the smell of freshly mown grass wafting by as you relax on a blanket in the back garden. Sipping something bubbly and losing yourself in a book.

Nothing much to do and nowhere to be. Time just for you, cradled in nature’s glory.

When you get an opportunity to simply live in the moment you have to grasp it with both hands.

But what if the weather has other ideas (as it invariably does)? We ALL need that crucial downtime to care for our mental and physical well being. And what better way to shut out the stresses and strains of everyday life than with a reviving warm bath?

So, light that candle, dig out that dog-eared novel and book yourself into the bathroom. 

The final magic ingredient is a touch of that elusive summer fizz. No matter the weather we can bring a hint of the healing sun into your life.


Summer – Age 9 – With her Bath Bomb

Bnatural, led by head Fizz Scientist, nine-year old Summer (aptly enough), has designed the ultimate holistic spa treatment in one little bath bomb, AKA Summer Fizz. 

Handmade and packed with revitalising black raspberry and fragrant vanilla (yum!), our unique bath bomb also contains 50mg of CBD so you can wallow in a balancing, restorative bath that will get you right back on track.

Why a CBD bath bomb? The story begins with an inventive nine-year old girl.

Our daughter Summer plays an integral role in the running of Bnatural, so when she approached us with an idea for a bath bomb, we just had to make it happen. Summer was adamant that this ground-breaking bath bomb should look like our tincture bottles (easier said than done, that’s for sure). So, with some help from industry friends we crafted numerous moulds and, after MUCH trial and error, we finally arrived at this design, which we think works beautifully.

Summer Fizz Bath Bomb

Dropping this little effervescent bomb into your tub could be just the ticket after a tough day out in the big, bad world. The subtle aroma of sun-kissed raspberry and warming vanilla will envelope you, calm the senses and evoke sweet summer memories. The CBD will dissolve in the warm water to gently support and balance your endocannabinoid system. This is a home spa experience beyond any you’ve experienced before. Stress relief from the inside out.

We love this big beautiful blue and green planet and we aim to make our products as earth and animal-friendly as possible so be reassured that our bath bomb is

● SLS and Paraben free

● Vegan friendly

● Cruelty free

Hoorah for Summer Fizz! Are you ready to succumb?

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