Golden Oil vs Black Oil

Why is Golden Oil Better?

golden oil vs black oil

The 3 most common Co2 extractions used to make CBD oil on the market today are Raw, Decarboxylated and Filtered. Raw (Black) Oil, is the easiest and most inexpensive to make, the lack of processing really takes away from the overall effectiveness of the oil.

Black Oils are simply extracted and then infused with a vegetable oil and that is it – no further processing. Black decarboxylated oils are not as effective.

Filtered, Golden Oils, like ours, made from naturally grown, european hemp offer a much better CBD consistency – as proven in our lab reports. Heres why!

  • Golden oils maintain a high level of purity and contain only essential cannabinoids and full spectrum, terpenes that enhance the CBD further – cue ‘The Entourage Effect’.  Compounds working much more efficiently when combined, much better than they do as individual compounds.
  • Additionally, golden oils are filtered, separating excess plant matter, lipids, waxes and chlorophyll from important compounds, resulting in a clear, golden color.
  • It undergoes full decarboxylation in order to maximise the potency of the golden oil. This process removes one carboxyl group, turning CBDa (inactive) into CBD. All this is done by heating up the cannabis for a long period of time, until the compounds are fully active for optimal efficiency 
  • The CBD content is much higher in golden oils than dark oils, therefore better value for money. 
  • Black oil vary much more in cannabinoid concentration and much harder to regulate. 
  • Smell, Taste and Purity – The clear golden colour of the golden oil brings to mind, Purity and a strong presence of CBD. The taste is also much nicer.

So to summaries! Golden Oils are much more pure and much more effective. Golden Oils will continue to be the forefront of the best CBD products on the market.

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