FACES – Cannabis Support and Education Centre

Who are FACES? www.facessupport.org.uk

FACES Training Support alongside the FACES Mentoring Charity, are an organisation with the aim of Educating Under 18s on Cannabis use. We also offer confidential support to those who feel they are being groomed by drug dealers and a private knife amnesty service. 

We offer a new approach through Education and Support. We understand kids are going to try Cannabis, it is such a common practice nowadays and is so easy to get hold of. Without being authoriative like their teachers, parents and the police, we offer them somewhere to come and discuss their usage in private. 

Faces is Pro legislation and legalisation of Cannabis. 

We feel that legalising will help avoid under 18s being used by drug gangs, also decreases the chances of under 18s purchasing Cannabis. It would also help decrease the amount of synthetics such as Spice being given to teenagers on the street, including chemicals used in grows. There would also open a massive economical market in the UK, which would create 1000s of jobs and increase tax revenues. Not to mention the amount of time and money saved by the Police who are already stretched to the limit. We are losing the battle on drugs, there needs a new approach, a responsible approach. Education is key.

Fight Addiction Cannabis Education Support

How are we linked to FACES?

Back in July, Bnatural HQ were invited down to Weston Super Mare to a fund raising event to help raise funds for Faces Centre. We were also invited to go and have look around the centre by owner Steve Melhuish.

The centre was in very early stages of development so not really much to see at this point but Steve took his time to show us around and tell us about all the plans for the centre. Steve is clearly passionate about the centre and this became apparent whilst explaining what was going to be done in the coming months.

The centre is the first of its kind in the UK. The whole thing is based around education for kids and parents alike, a safe haven and somewhere to go and relax. The young adults can go here and talk to trained professionals, get educated around cannabis and addition as well as concealing sessions and a knife drop off point.

For us at Bnatural HQ, eduction is key. We strong believe that there should be more eduction surrounding cannabis. So this centre really does have our full support.

Steve has given us a chance that we just couldn’t refused. Steve offered us a sponsorship deal at faces and we have singed up as the only CBD sponsor for the centre. Our products will be on display and for sale at the centre, where we are also hoping to hold events and educational talks surrounding CBD to kids, parents and even local authorities.

This is an exciting time for us and for Faces. We are looking forward to a working with Steve and his team for the foreseeable future!

For more information on Faces, please visit their website or Facebook page

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